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We don't offer the one course fits all approach to learning photography. We, instead, listen to you to understand what you know and what you want to get out of a Photo Walk & Talk or from training. We want you to learn something new, be it just to understand your camera better and to use some new features, right through to be a manual everything nerd. We will help you take control of your camera with confidence, having to knowledge to get the shots you want.

While we don't mind what camera you shoot with, be it a mobile phone, a digital or a film camera, we aim to discuss the fundimentals of what makes a good photo and hopefully make fun.

Wollombi Film Photography Afternoon

Two events, being on the 20th and 22nd of April

Up in the Hunter Valley is the historic town of Wollombi. This very picturesque town affords ample opportunity to photographers, and I have been visiting the area for years to do just that. Now, I am excited to be able to share my insights to photography, with an opportunity to explore and photograph the town.

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The event is an afternoon photography walk around on one of the local properties and the town, itself. The event starts with some lunch at 12:00, then we will have a introduction to Black & White film photography, how I approach photographing both people and landscapes and then we head out to photograph around the area. It will run until 4:30, where you can regroup at the local pub or head back home.

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Regardless if you have a film camera or a digital one, why not join us for both lunch, or just the photographic walk in Wollombi. Don’t have a film camera? No problem, as you will still get a lot out of the afternoon. The aim is to be a relaxed way to discuss photography in general and to talk shop about my favourite film types. I don’t expect you to be a film nerd, but if you are, all the better to share what you know as well.

When: Saturday the 20th of April or Monday the 22nd of April at 12 noon for lunch, 1pm for event


$150.00 photography walk and talk with lunch.

$135.00 photography walk and talk only.

Booking: Use the Contact Form below to register.

Before the event:
We like to hear from you, and we will send more you details. Also, if you want lunch, we will discuss options and dietary requirements. Sarah is a chef, and will make sure you have a great lunch.

We will be walking:
We will walking around Wollombi, and so wear shoes suitable for the bush. You don't need hiking shoes, good walking shoes are ideal.

I have made arrangements with Chris Reid from Blanco Negro to hand develop and proof Black and White film for $35.00 a roll. Chris is a master photographic printer and I recommend him to anyone. If you are only after scans, we can arrange to get the film processed, scan and dropbox'd back to you for $30.00.

Photo Walks and Taking Photos

The best way to learn photography is to be out taking photos, so that is what we offer. Whether you are a seasoned verteran or a absolute beginner, we run weekly walk and talks to allow you to discuss photography. As a heads up, we discuss film photography, but it works for digital and mobile phone cameras as well.

$100.00 for basic four hour Walk & Talk

Film and processing can be provided, just let us know 24 hours before hand.  If you have a film camera, we include development, scan and dropbox back to you for additional $25.00.

Session Time
Up to four hours photo session, including a walk and a stop for coffee, tea or drink.

Before the walk
We like to hear from you, and we will send details on where we will start and a outline of the activities.

After the walk
We will happily review all your shots, and you simply send us them by Dropbox or Email.

Those paying for a roll of film and processing, we take to get the film developed, scanned images emailed and negatives mailed to you.

This is up to a maximum 10 people.  If you have a larger group, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

Individual and small group training

If you want taylored photographic training, we offer individual and small group courses based on your needs.  We will discuss the type of training you are after, and we will work with you to work out the agenda.  So, if you are looking for c

Cost: $300.00 for two hour individual session, plus any extras, as described below.

Cost: $200.00 each for two hour small group session up to four people, plus any extras, as described below.

Introduction to Film Photography
Analogue Photography is so different to digital, and while there are similarities, film has its unique properties. We take you through the types of film, exposure, understanding latitude and the Sunny 16 rule. Great fun, and at the end of the course, your film will be developed and scanned for you to see your work. We also will arrange for the negatives to be sent back to you by post.

Extra Cost $50.00 per person.

Introduction to Flash
A fun digital camera course where we discuss using the built in flash, on camera flash and off camera flash. Shot on digital, but you can use what you learn with film photography if your equipment is suitable. We shoot outdoors and also discuss shooting in strong sun to make the subject pop.

No additional charge for this course.

Looking for something else?
We are able to provide taylor made courses, so contact us to discuss.

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